I recommend watching this on the YouTube app on your phone, so you can look around easily

Here is the first 3D 360 video I’ve ever made 🙂 It took wayy longer than expected to render, so I didn’t quite have time to finish it. The concept was that as the viewer looks around (since it’s VR), the lighting would slowly change. But, since I’m missing some frames, it more cuts to lights flickering which is a bit disappointing, but oh well. Here are a few stills from this piece:

Image 1
Occlusion of Image 1
Image 2
Occlusion of Image 2
Image 3
Occlusion of Image 3

This is one of the first modeling projects where I feel like I populated the scene pretty well. I’m especially proud of that Tiffany lamp lol

Anyways, what do you think? Any improvements I can make, aside from the rendering issues? Thanks!