Tauri & Rabbit final render
Concept art for Tauri & Rabbit
Turntable for Tauri & Rabbit

I finished up the WIP I posted about earlier in my blog! Taurius, or Tauri, is a character I created a longg time ago. I based this 3D model off of my concept art, which I posted above.

I learned a ton of Zbrush during this project, and a bit of Keyshot. I was going to post my comparison sheet here, but I really don’t like how it came out in Keyshot. His eyes look so bulgey ;n; so I’ll post it in my blog instead – here – so it’s not with the completed project. Anyways, check out the turntable I posted above because rendering all of that Fibermesh totally killed my desktop 😅

Also shout out to my good friend Lentz from college, who basically tutorial’d me through this project. You should totally go follow him on Twitter, he’s an awesome character modeler

Any thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment down below!