3D model in Zbrush
3D Model rendered in Maya Arnold
3D model rendered in Maya Arnold, open to show interior storage space
Turntable of 3D Model, also in Zbrush
3D Model printed, ft. my messy desk
3D Model printed and spray painted

I finally got around to posting my cute little ring holder! It was designed to hold rings on the rabbits ears, and store other little things in the hollow tree trunk. I love making functional art, and now I have the perfect place to put my engagement ring 💕

I’m super happy with how this turned out, the lid and base actually fit together really well. I wish I had acetone-bathed the print before painting it to get rid of the visible printing rings, but when I was reading up on it I saw a ton of horror stories about accidentally destroying your model and I sort of weenied out 😬

I designed it in ZBrush and printed it with a MakerBot Replicator + (for the lid) and a Raise for the base

Any thoughts? Anyone with more 3D printing experience than me want to give me some pointers? Feel free to leave a comment!