Now that I’ve graduated university, I’ve been pretty busy with freelancing, building my portfolio, general life things, and a super secret project my fiancé and I are working on that I’ll talk about later (shh!).

Some days, I seem to sit at my computer for ten minutes, and then look at the clock only to find out that hours have passed. So, sort of as a way to recap for myself, I’ve decided to blog about what I do in a day as a freelancing 3D modeler!

My Day

6:30am – My fiancé and I wake up. I’ve always been a morning person, so this schedule is fantastic for me, but honestly, we only get up that early because that’s when he goes to work. I make the bed (this is such an important step in my routine for me because, even if I didn’t manage to accomplish anything that day, at least I made the bed!) while he gets ready and feeds our rabbit Jenny (the lovely little lady napping on me in the featured image of this post), and then I see him off

6:45am-7:00am – This is usually time where I wash my face and brush my teeth, get ready for the day, and occasionally do some dishes or some other house chores – I also make my first cup of coffee at this point ☕️ 😝

7:00am-7:15am – This is my favorite part of the day, organizing! I love lists and I can’t do a thing without them, so every morning I grab my planner and figure out where I left off with my clients yesterday, what’s due next, and what needs to get done first. As a freelancer, I can’t even begin to express how important being organized is. Calendars, lists, and Alexa reminders!

7:15am-8:00am – Sometimes I skip this step, depending on how busy I am, but this is the part of the day that I spend looking around for new clients, applying for contracts, and in general finding work. This part is hard for me because usually I just want to get straight to work, but in freelancing it’s really important to continually find new contracts, even if it feels like you’re overloaded with work already – otherwise you’ll finish your current work and then sit around for a few days with nothing to do

8:00am-10:00am – This is one of the most sections of time I spend working. This is when I’m most productive and usually when most of my clients are awake and available, so they can respond to any questions I have. It’s surprising what you can get done in two hours 👍

10:00am-10:05am – During this time, I pause my work to really quickly make something to eat – and get another cup of coffee. Usually I make something super simple, like oatmeal, because although this is technically my breakfast break, I tend to eat and work at the same time

10:05am-12:00pm – This is another solid block of work time, which can sometimes last until 2:00pm since I just work until I get hungry, so it really depends on how much I managed to eat for breakfast. Usually by this point I’ve started playing a podcast or an audio book to listen to while I work. Right now I’m listening to those older crime novels by James Patterson, The Women’s Murder Club. I totally recommend them – they’re really easy to find if you have an Overdrive account and a library card

12:00pm-12:15pm – Although I eat breakfast while I work, I like to stop for lunch for a quick 15 minutes and eat on my porch. Since I work from home I don’t get outside much on weekdays. The fresh air is always a good re-energizer! 🍃

12:15pm-4pm – This sums up the rest of my work day essentially. I keep working until my fiancé gets home, which changes from day to day since he gets a lot of overtime. I usually render, update clients, and back up my files sometime during this block

4pm-the rest of the day – Personal time! After my fiancé gets home we usually eat a small meal together and watch some Netflix or Hulu, then we tend to our garden, play with Jenny, do chores, run errands, and play video games until around 7pm. Then we make dinner and spend some time together. Or, sometimes he’ll play single player games and I’ll read on the couch next to him – right now I’m rereading the Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss for the third time – which I highly recommend! We also try to work on that super secret project I mentioned during this time 🤭😚

That basically sums up most of my weekdays! On the weekends I try to get some exercise in, since I hear so many horror stories about freelancers with health problems (Side note, I highly recommend getting an ergonomic mouse, especially if you’re a modeler or an animator. Repeat stress injuries are real!)

What are some good ways to stay healthy if you work from home? 🤔