A few months ago I was hired to clean up a 3D scan of someone’s face. Here’s the intial model I was provided:

It’s not too bad, but it’s pretty blurry and, although you can’t tell in this image, the geometry around the nose and mouth is pretty wonky.

My first thought was to bring the model into ZBrush, edit the nose/mouth, smooth out a few bumps, and retexture the model using polypaint. Unfortunately, the client didn’t have the images from the day of the scan, so he couldn’t give me a good image to use to repaint the model.

He did, however, have some other pictures, taken with different lighting on different days, and with different amounts of facial hair on the model. I decided to try polypainting with that instead, and ended up with this monstrosity:

( ༎ຶ Ŏ ༎ຶ )

It definitely could have been worse, but the client (understandably) wasn’t overly happy with the results.

What I ended up doing was just smoothing the model and reshaping the nose and mouth in ZBrush, then cleaning up the texture a bit in Photoshop. This was the result:

I would have preferred if I could have fixed the texture properly with a HD image from the day of the scan, but it wasn’t really an option at that point. The client was pretty happy with the result and the file was delivered within a few hours of the contract beginning, so all-in-all I think the experience was a positive one

My takeaway from this project was that sometimes, things won’t be as perfect as you’d like (especially if time is limited), and that’s okay ꒰ღ˘‿˘ ღ꒱