I finished up a contract a few months ago that started right after I graduated and I’m finally posting my experiences with it! Unfortunately, as you can see from the featured image of this post, this contract was under a NDA, so I can’t show the final results of the project quite yet, but I can (vaguely) talk about it!

I was brought on to model the exterior of a car which my client had conceptualized in a few sketches, with the final deliverables being a few photo-realistic renders. This was really my first “post-graduate” contract, so, without getting into the specifics, I did undercharge a bit. Either way, the model was completed pretty early and the renders were delivered before the deadline, and I learned about how to better estimate how much to charge, so all-in-all it was an excellent practical experience.

Just in case anyone was wondering, I modeled and rendered in Autodesk Maya

I think the most important factors I had in being awarded this contract were probably my experience with hard-surface modeling and photorealistic rendering. The fact that I charged like an entry-level 3D modeler which I should have gone more for ‘intermediate’ probably also had something to do with it (´∀`’)

Most importantly, the client was happy with my work, so much so that I got rehired to continue working with him on other projects!

My final takeaway from this project is probably that being friendly and quick to reply to emails is really important in freelancing (✿◠‿◠)