Finally, some non-NDA work I can talk about! I got hired a few weeks ago to create 3D assets for a mobile game weekly. The concept of this game is that it changes every week based on trending topics (AKA memes!) – this means I’m given the concept for an asset maybe 1 day before it’s due! It’s one of the quickest turnaround gigs I’ve ever had, but I find it fun and well-worth it!

The first asset I ever created for this contract, a helicopter for a game based on the ‘invade area 51’ content that’s everywhere
This was one of the earlier assets I created, a model of A$AP Rocky’s back, from when Trump was tweeting about freeing him from prison
This was the most recent asset I’ve made, the concept is based off of that ‘number neighbor’ trend that was happening on Twitter

As you can see from these examples, the assets I make are pretty simple geometry with basic shading – a necessity since the turnaround time is so quick.

The only issue I’ve had with this contract is that I was never given a poly-limit – and the developers aren’t sure what that number actually is – so I’ve been trying to stick to as low a poly count as I can. This had led to a sacrifice of detail – like in the Rocky model

Adjusting to the turnaround time was a little rough at first, but once I got the routine down, this contract has been a blast!