Here’s a nice project I worked on fresh out of college – it was something I really enjoyed and my client was really passionate, which was really refreshing!

I was hired to make a product model of a calendar that’s based off of the look of high-performance German sports cars. Picture carbon-fiber, sleek, and glowy

After the initial model, I was brought back to make a ton of different iterations, so here are a couple of those:

This is the night version of one of the first designs – the calendar face itself is consistent throughout all iterations and is based off of a speedometer, while the calendar base is based off of a curve in a car’s window, called the Hoffmeister Kink, pictured right (which no, is not something I was aware existed before this project!)

Although the client originally requested more out-of-the-box bases for his calendar, we also tried a few iterations with a more traditional look, like this one pictured below with a carbon-fiber texture:

The client for this project was really amazing and had excellent communication, so this project was completed without a hitch!