I’ve been really excited to post about this project, and finally I have the time to!

I was hired a few months ago to create a video for an advertising company who, in turn, was working for a client who remodels counter tops. Did that make any sense?

Anyways, they originally requested a single, short 3D animated video of a marble rolling across an old island in a kitchen, melting, and making the old countertop a pretty, shiny, new one.

Before we had really gotten into the meat of that project, they tripled the concept and asked for three separate videos, all featuring different household locations that could be remolded by this countertop company!

Luckily though, the deadline thus also tripled, so I was able to finish everything in time with limited stress

This was a great experience for me because it allowed me to really test how long I take to do everything, since this was an entire scene and not just one product or one model like I typically contract for. I also really love modeling domestic spaces, (and my mom’s a contractor!) so this was really the perfect gig for me!

Due to deadlines, this was also the first contract work I’ve used a renderfarm with – I used Google’s Zync, which I luckily have experience with thanks to a fellow student from my undergrad \( ゚ヮ゚)/

Here’s the first, original scene:

I’m probably happiest with this scene, as I had the most time to work on it and really flesh out the environment

This second scene was intended to be quite similar to the first, but demonstrate that the countertop company can do counters and not just islands – the CD also requested that the camera angle be straight on with the marble rolling

I was fairly happy with this one as well – the herringbone backsplash was inspired by my mom

The last scene was meant to show that this company doesn’t only cover kitchens!

I’m probably the least happy with this one – I was told to make the marble fall in slow motion, but I think that the slow marble makes the pacing of the melt really odd

All-in-all, this was an excellent project with a really professional company that allowed me to learn a lot!