I just found this logo sketch while I was backing up my files, so I figured I would use the opportunity to do a little update on what I’ve been up to

So, if you read the last personal blog I wrote, I said my fiancé and I were adopting a retired racing Greyhound and – lo and behold, we did! Here he is:

This is from my Instagram – he’s really bad at being comfy

His name is Bear and we’ve had him for about a month. He’s the sweetest dog I’ve ever met, and he even gets along with our rabbit Jenny really well (which is to say something because everyone over the age of 30 has been saying “Oh, you got a Greyhound?! Don’t you know what they chase?!” 🙄 As if we weren’t 100% sure he wouldn’t hurt her before we sealed into adopting him, and hadn’t done ten books’ worth of research

He’s a big baby, even though he’s technically right on the edge of being an adult at 1.5 years old. His hobbies include crying at me while I work for daring to not pet him 24 hours a day. In all seriousness though, he’s a great companion and I really recommend looking into Greyhounds if you’re thinking about adopting a dog

Aside from that! I’m rolling in contracts right now, which is why I haven’t really had the time to post any work on here, personal or otherwise. I’m at a point where people have begun contacting me first, instead of me hounding (get it?) after them – which is a really nice thing.

I think that about sums it up – we’re going to go camping soon which the weather is perfect for right now! So I suppose Bear going camping will probably be the next life update, haha