This is an as-needed continuing contract with Phoneboy, LLC that I work on every other month or so. I make lowish-poly assets for trendy mobile games – here are some of my favorite works from this gig:

A cloud, textured and rendered in Maya
Cloud Mesh

I’m pretty sure this cloud was used as a background piece – it’s pretty high poly, relatively, but it needed to be rounded like that, and the game application handled it well, so 🤷‍♀️

Game pieces, textured and rendered in Maya

These blocks were cool, and the game they were made for seems pretty fun. I think the goal was to click the checkerboard piece to break the whole shape apart? This one was pretty low-poly, you can see some faceting on the edges of the circle piece, which was the goal 👍

Dog textured and rendered in Maya
Dog mesh
Monster textured and rendered in Maya
Monster…. mesh
All three of the characters together

This last gig was one of my favorites – it was a lot more creative than some of the mobile asset work I do, so it was really rewarding – although only the dog asset ended up actually being used. These guys were pretty high poly, relatively

And that’s about it for this collection! This contract is still active, so I’m hoping to get some more awesome ‘assignments’ that I can share 🙂