High poly scene, showing the fruit basket (which was later cut due to poly limits)
Low poly version, after a water pool was requested and added
Wireframe of the low poly scene

This was a super fun environment to work on! This was a gig working for Global Star Productions on The Monkey King Franchise. I believe this set was for a fighting game based on the The Monkey King. This scene was based off of this reference image:

The Monkey King reference image

You can see the fruit basket at the right of the reference image in the first picture, but it had to be cut in later iterations due to poly count – the client needed the basket to be 120 polys but still keep the woven look! I tried just creating the look through texturing, but it wasn’t working out. The client decided to cut it in the end (which spared more polys for the plants in the end, so you win some you lose some)