Sorry for the incredibly long title – that’s the name of the painting I based this 3D scene off of:

Still Life with a Violin, a Recorder, Books, a Portfolio of Sheet of Music, Peaches and Grapes on a Table Top by Jean-Baptiste Oudry

This was a piece I did for Uni – the goal was to recreate a painting in 3D. Here’s how mine turned out:

3D scene based on the above painting
Occlusion render

We were supposed to match the texture of the painting, so for portions of the models I was recommended to use the painting itself for the shader. I’m not a fan of the effect it had on the piece, but I did like the modeling itself

We also made stylized versions of our renders:

This was more fun to make, and mostly just involved rendering with a Toon shader and then using a lot of Photoshop

That about covers it, I was pretty excited to make the violin, but the paper gave me such trouble with the texture