Here’s a lovely little project I worked on a while ago. The concept was to create a VR scene based on this concept art I was provided:

My client was creating a mobile app game that put the user into a VR scene, and then took the user through a series of events that reflect the struggles of the refugee crisis

Here is what the scene based on the above concept art ended up looking like:

And here is the AO render of this scene:

I couldn’t quite capture the emotion that the concept art provoked, but I think a large part of that will come from the atmospheric lighting, which my client was going to add in post, through Unity

Obviously I had some poly limits to work with, as this was intended for a mobile game, so creating some of the Arabic symbols had to be done through textured planes, although some of them are true geometry

I created the textured planes using opacity maps, which I created a tutorial about right here

Here’s a draft recording of the scene, though it’s not rendered:

But yeah, all in all this was lovely to work on and I really enjoyed the morals behind the concept