Here’s a fun little product animation gig I was brought on for – this was for the release of Poppi Cosmetics’ first ever palette, Neon Drip

Here is the company’s Instagram

This was the main product animation I created:

I had a lot of fun with these textures, creating specularity on the drops but not the rest of the packaging, embossing the logo, making the brand logo metallic, the whole nine yards.

I followed this tutorial to figure out the spec maps in Arnold, and I am super grateful for it

I actually created this by rendering the palette on a green screen, which I’ve made a tutorial about here if you’d like to see it in depth!

Here’s a raw, unedited png of the model on a green screen. You can see I did a lot of color correction in post

Next, I created a promo animation (which was actually released before the product animation):

I did this using green screens as well, then I finished the video up in Aftereffects

Unedited png showing the tear in the packaging. I added the torn-paper edges in post as well

I animated the package tearing using lattice deformers in Maya

Finally, while I’m at it, I also created this as a promo video:

It’s meant to loop forever on Instagram, so it’s seamless

My client then changed her mind about the plot/theme of the promo video, and decided to go with the above promo video instead.

I created this video using Aftereffects as well, although the boombox itself is a 3D model, rendered on a single still

That about sums it up for this project! I learned a lot about texturing and I was really happy with the final results 🙂