This is a cute little plant model I created for a collaborative project; I got roped into it through some people I met at SIGGRAPH 2019 – namely a 3D animator, Inez.

She’s animating and directing on a project that she recruited a good twenty or so people for (myself included, obviously!) As far as my understanding goes, it’s for her senior thesis and the final results are going to be a short film about two sisters in the snow.

I was brought on to create a few variations of a ninebark bush, which is a lovely little plant I wasn’t familiar with until this project. Here are a few of the reference images I was provided with:

The leaves of my model ended up being larger than the references for visibility purposes. Here’s what I came up with!

The three variations were pretty simple to make once I had the branches established. I used MASH to distribute the leaves and I referenced the official MASH forums to figure out the proper distribution

All three bushes, rendered
All three bushes, AO render

All in all I really enjoyed working on this! I like collaborative work quite a bit, and I’m excited to see how the final project turns out once it’s completed. I’ll be sure to post a link to it once it’s released (and any other work I do on this project!)